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  Our reason for being: to develop the full potential of the human being

antropogogia: ánthrōpos (human) + agōgḗ (to guide) is the science and the art of enhancing the comprehensive development of human beings.

The usual term for learning and teaching is "pedagogy". However, the Greek root paidós (child) has better application to childhood education, always under the guidance of a pedagogue – a teacher or a tutor.

The experienced adults become more demanding and independent in their learning process. A facilitator can support it, but will never have the function of an oracle, a knowledge holder. As an equal, a facilitator can coordinate and promote the exchange of experiences and knowledge. However, adult learners will always have the last word on choosing the most appropriate form and content to their needs.

Learning is like riding a bicycle:
you must keep in continuos learning through out life.

The knowledge that was enough until yesterday, it will not be sufficient tomorrow.

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