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  Our reason for being: to develop the full potential of the human being

what we do

Life Coaching and Career Guidance    
we orient people in times of personal or interpersonal crises such as career choice or transition and/or aspirations for change and growth, seeking to achieve a comprehensive personal  balance –  physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, functional, relational –  through process like:  
  • self-awareness of preferences and innate characteristics, supported by tools based on Jung 's theory of psychological types,
  • interpersonal relationship analysis and perceived impacts, supported by 360° perception tools, mock interviews and public presentations,
  • assessment of the skills and potential, vis-à-vis demands and opportunities in the labor market and in the current job,
  • review of academic and professional achievements, motivations for decisions in past years and its consequences,
  • definition of development objectives, identification of barriers to overcome and the alternatives to be explored, considering pillars of personal transformation, such as the motivations and values , availability of time and the willingness to personal sacrifice,
  • short and long-term planning, short-term actions monitoring, helping to overcome the inertia and initial difficulties, and develop self-confidence to continue independently.

    Assessment, Development and Retention of Talents

    assessment processes, focusing on preferences, skills and potential, supported by instruments for self-knowledge, 360 ° perception, benchmarking and organizational climate surveys,  
    risk diagnose of key people unwanted attrition, and potential successors nomination, highlighting their strengths and areas for development,  
    customized programs for talent development and retention, monitoring the results evolution, and supporting recognition and reward actions,  
    behavior change programs, including team building and conflict management workshops, promoting convergence of interests and complementarity of preferences,  
    coaching processes, seeking to combine the interests of the company, the manager and the participant (coachee),  
    mentoring programs, taking advantage of the experience of the seniors executives for knowledge transfer and expected behaviors role modeling.  

    Cultural Architecture and Corporate Governance

    strategic goals alignment and cultural change programs, including review and/or assimilation of the vision, the aims and the values of the organization  
    organizational structure evaluation and adjustments advices for better adherence to strategic objectives, through leadership succession/transition, M&A or natural growth circumstances  
    assignment recommendation to have the right people in the right job position, in order to increase effectiveness and efficiency, in benefit of all stakeholders  
    corporate governance design and implementation, including formal bodies, rituals, roles and responsibilities, levels of authority, in accordance with best practices and the situation of the company  
    decision making optimization on board of directors meetings, based on a gradual process starting with a collegiate self-assessment up to cross evaluation between board members  
    family businesses support to formalizing the shareholders agreement, to optimizing the corporate structure, organizing family assembly and/or family council, and to implementing the family office  

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