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  Our reason for being: to develop the full potential of the human being

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Oseas Heckert is a founding partner of Antropogogia.

Oseas is dedicated to supporting self-awareness, skills assessment and potential development of young people and adults, working as life coach and career advisor. 

In large enterprises throughout Latin and North Americas, as well as in SMEs and NGOs in Brazil, he has led skills and potential assessment processes, design and implementation of action plans for people development, preparing them for new challenges. Has led cultural integration programs in M&A situations, optimization processes of corporate governance in publicly and privately held companies, foundations and family organizations.

Previously, Oseas developed his career in large multinational companies. Worked at Accenture, where he managed organizational changes, design and implementation of IT strategic plans, focusing on people development, process optimization and change management. He led organizational transformation (BPR) and total quality (TQC) programs, and managed large IT projects, including development of information systems and ERPs integration (SAP, Datasul/Totvs), on companies such as Bombril/Orniex (housekeeping products) and ICI (chemical industry, now Syngenta).

Early in his career as an engineer, he worked in computer and peripherals industries, managing the areas of Production, Quality and Logistics, and led the process of technology transfer from foreign companies. Was entrepreneur as a partner in a software house.

Oseas has academic degrees from top schools: Electronic Engineering (ITA - Technological Institute of Aeronautics and PUCRJ – Pontifical Catholic University of Rio) and MBA in Project Management (FGV – Getulio Vargas Foundation), with a focus on PMBOK disciplines of Communication and Human Resources. Has also specializations in Industrial Administration (Maua Institute of Technology), Internet Technology (CEFET/IBPI), Social Responsibility and 3rd Sector (CEATS-FIA/USP), Change Management (Changefirst) Coaching (Integrated Coaching Institute), Jungian Psychological Types (Type Resources, PTI / PTE, MBTI). Participated in various events and training programs in Corporate Governance (IBGC - Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance), in People Management (ABRH - Brazilian Association of Human Resources), and Psychological Types (APTi - Association for Psychological Type International), as a member of those bodies.

His profile also includes working as a volunteer in Social Responsibility programs and as Director of Third Sector organizations, and the continuous search for eclectic learning, covering topics related to Psychology, Philosophy and Theology. His hobbies are music and poetry.

Oseas is married to Rita Heckert, artist painter. Both have training in Family Counseling (Eirene, Oikos) and act as couples' counselors.

Patricia Reis is a senior associate consultant of Antropogogia.

Patricia is a psychologist and social scientist, and for more than 20 years she has been working in the area of social behavior and motivational analysis, using qualitative research methodology, in individual and group contexts, ethnographic observations, and projective techniques.

Throughout her career, she directed and coordinated various projects in Brazil and Latin America, focused on analysis and diagnostics of cultural contexts and psychosocial characteristics of groups or individuals acting in a particular system, people who form the behavior backbone, in a general or specific situation.
She believes that no organizational transformation can truly happen when it is at odds with the motivation and perception of the actors in the actual structure. As well, the diagnosis is the best way to approach the reality and get a repository of insights for permanent strategic benefits. Worked for clients such as TIM (telecom), Quaker/Pepsico and BRF (food industries), Caixa Economica Federal and Banco do Brasil (banks), among others.

Patricia studied Social History at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris, from 2002 to 2006, and is specialized in Movement Analysis and Nonverbal Communication at the Instituto Brecha, Buenos Aires, where he continues to participate regularly in seminars and international lectures.

She lived in Israel, USA, France and Argentina. His cross-cultural experience and fluency in English, French and Spanish allow her to flow naturally among different countries and cultures, and be attentive to the specific contexts of each place, which make the strategic difference.


Sandra Paiva is a senior associate consultant of Antropogogia.

As a consultant, she has developed projects focused on career development and coaching for top executives, and on skills and psychological profile assessment, and also has provided training and lectures on leadership development and people management.

At Price (PwC), during 4 years was responsible for communication and change management projects in outsourcing services, attending customers on large and medium enterprises.

She participated in executives’ career review and restructuring, and supported the professionals’ hiring process for outsourcing services.

She started her career working in the clinical area for 17 years, focusing on the development of learning potential.

Sandra has a background in Phonoaudiology /Speech Therapy (Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas), and specializations on Psychopedagogy (Sedes Sapientiae), High Abilities Persons (UERJ - Rio de Janeiro State University), Coaching (Integrated Coaching Institute), Jungian Psychological Types (Type Resources) and is qualified on MBTI Step I and II, and on PEI – Instrumental Enrichment Program of ICELP (The International Center for the Enhancement of Learning Potential, Jerusalem).  Sandra is member of the Association for Psychological Type International (APTi).

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